Buffalo Bills: Comparing Sammy Watkins To The 2014 Wide Receiver Draft Class.

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Sammy Watkins vs. Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. was taken twelfth overall by the New York Giants in the 2014 NFL Draft. Beckham is clearly the best wide receiver to come out of the draft, but how do Watkins’ numbers stack up to Beckham Jr.’s?


Watkins                                            Beckham Jr.                                             
Receiving Yards: 982                    Receiving Yards: 1,305
Touchdowns: 6                               Touchdowns: 12
Games Played: 16                         Games Played: 12

Beckham Jr. made Watkins look like he should’ve been the fourth overall selection and Watkins should’ve been the twelfth. Beckham Jr. reached an impressive 1,305 receiving yards, twelve touchdowns and topped off a great season with one of the greatest catches we’ve ever seen.

Winner: Beckham Jr.


Watkins                                            Beckham Jr.                                             
Receiving Yards: 1,047                Receiving Yards: 1,450
Touchdowns: 9                               Touchdowns: 13
Games Played: 13                         Games Played: 15

Watkins’ second year like I’ve said before wasn’t bad. But it was nothing compared to Beckham Jr.’s second year. Beckham Jr. improved in every category. He had more yardage, touchdowns and games played.

Winner: Beckham Jr.


Watkins                                            Beckham Jr.                                            
Receiving Yards: 430                   Receiving Yards: 1,367
Touchdowns: 2                              Touchdowns: 10
Games Played: 8                           Games Played: 16

Yes, Watkins dealt with a foot injury for half of last season, so that does affect the decision. But, if Sammy was healthy I still feel like his numbers wouldn’t come close to Beckham Jr.’s. The Giants star receiver mailed in another impressive season despite getting off to a slow start. He also earned his third straight Pro Bowl nod and is one of the leagues best wide receivers.

Winner: Beckham Jr.