Buffalo Bills: Comparing Sammy Watkins To The 2014 Wide Receiver Draft Class.

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Sammy Watkins vs. Mike Evans

Evans was selected seventh overall by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and was regarded by many as the second best wide-receiver in the draft behind Watkins. The statistics in this article are from ESPN.com.


Watkins                                            Evans                                             
Receiving Yards: 982                    Receiving Yards: 1,051
Touchdowns: 6                               Touchdowns: 12
Games Played: 16                         Games Played: 15

Although the receiving yards from Watkins wasn’t bad for year one. Evans doubled Watkins’ touchdowns and had more receiving yards despite having a record of 2-14. Evans also had quarterbacks Josh McCown and Mike Glennon throwing him the ball.

Winner: Evans


Watkins                                            Evans                                             
Receiving Yards: 1,047                Receiving Yards: 1,206
Touchdowns: 9                               Touchdowns: 3
Games Played: 13                         Games Played: 15

Watkins stepped up big time in his second year. He passed his record of six touchdowns with an approved nine, compared to Evans’ depressing three. Watkins also tallied over 1,000 receiving yards for the first time in his career. At the end of the day, touchdowns are what matters most in the league, and three won’t cut it.

Winner: Watkins


Watkins                                            Evans                                             
Receiving Yards: 430                   Receiving Yards: 1,321
Touchdowns: 2                              Touchdowns: 12
Games Played: 8                           Games Played: 16

There is absolutely no debate on who wins in 2016. Evans was an absolute monster last year, having a second year under his belt with Jameis Winston only helped his cause. Evans put up 1,321 receiving yards compared to Watkins’ flat 430. He reached twelve touchdowns for the second time in his career and was even selected to his first ever Pro Bowl. Something Watkins has yet to accomplish.

Winner: Evans