Buffalo Bills: Marcell Dareus responds to haters

FOXBORO, MA - DECEMBER 29: Marcell Dareus
FOXBORO, MA - DECEMBER 29: Marcell Dareus /

Marcell Dareus has been under fire in recent years for his antics. The Buffalo Bills’ defensive tackle has a few words to say to his critics.

Dareus has been under fire and for good reason. The Buffalo Bills organization is not particularly hap

py with him because of his play, or lack thereof. Multiple suspensions have stemmed from marijuana usage. Street racing has affected the player’s image, and shady workout habits haven’t given Dareus a good look.

Marcell signed a six-year deal worth nearly $100 million. He has yet to live up to that money. Like many other players on the Bills’ roster, this is a boom or bust year for him. I would imagine the Bills organization wishes that Dareus was in the situation that Watkins is currently in. The ability to cut him lose at the end of the year if need be. That contract could hurt the team more than help because of the 5.5 sacks Dareus has contributed in the past two seasons. Extremely disappointing.

The veteran defensive tackle was asked if he can take his game to another level this year, Newyorkupstate.com documented his response:

"“You will see,” Dareus said Tuesday at St. John Fisher College. “Next question.”"

"“If anything, I have something to prove to myself and to my teammates and the fans,” Dareus said. “I just want to do my best. Me doing my best I know is good enough.”"

"“I don’t even think about them; I have no time, I have no space in my mind,” Dareus said. “I have a season, I have to get prepared for my teammates, and I know they’re doing the best for me. I’m just going to continue to put one foot in front of the other, and just stay focused.”"

I’m not sure about you, but I am not satisfied with Dareus’ response. He did not comment on how hard he has been working or how he has struggled in the past. He is acting like it didn’t happen, and you have to be able to learn from your mistakes. I would’ve liked to see Dareus specify an area of the game that he is going to work on, but he didn’t seem like he had time for questions.

Players slacked off under Rex Ryan; everyone knows that. Ryan was a players coach who catered to their every need. He had more of a friendly relationship. It is important to find that happy-medium between coach and friend, sort of like the happy-medium between parent and friend.

There is hope that the new regime will kick Marcell Dareus into high gear, and give him that spark that he so clearly needs.

The Bills’ front office is put in such a tough spot with this guaranteed contract. It just about guarantees that Dareus will be on the roster for years to come. Players ask for guaranteed money, and I agree that they should because of the risk of the game. But this is the dark side of guaranteed money. It can be dangerous and can put your franchise in a choke-hold. It is tough to get out from under such contracts.

This Buffalo Bills defensive line needs to have a huge year for the team to make a splash. The talent is there, but will the pieces fall in line?

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