2016 Buffalo Bills Schedule Announced

The 2016 Buffalo Bills schedule was announced today. Astonishingly, the team was awarded sixteen prime-time games.

It’s rare that an NFL team gets more than five or six prime-time games in a year so how did the Buffalo Bills manage to get the “perfect prime-time schedule”?

Very simply. The NFL made the Bills agree to a list of demands in order to get the “perfect prime-time schedule” in 2016. The demands from the league include the following:

1) Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan are required to get into a WWE-style wrestling match at the 50-yard line two hours prior to the start of each game under the monikers “Sexy Rexy” vs “Rob the Blob”.
2) If Aaron Kromer would like to sit down on the sideline during a game he must do it in his own beach chairs. If he cannot find his own chairs he must stand.
3) If the Bills are ahead by more than three scores they must immediately switch out their starting quarterback for EJ Manuel in an attempt to make the game closer for the sake of ratings.
4) LeSean McCoy must release a full list of players and coaches on the opposing teams roster who he is willing to shake hands with at least one hour before game time.
5) Jerry Hughes must commit at least one penalty in each game for the game to become official. If he does not record a penalty, the game must be replayed immediately.
6) In both games against the Miami Dolphins, the Bills are only allowed to try as hard as Mario Williams is trying.
7) Before each game, any Bills fans in attendance will be required to give the opposing teams fans a one hour tutorial on how to tailgate appropriately (and sometimes not so appropriately).

So that’s the list of demands the NFL provided the Buffalo Bills. Here at the BuffaLowDown we only have one more demand to add to it…

Have a Happy April Fools Day! 🙂

I hope you don’t mind us having a little fun with you. The real schedule is usually released towards the end of April. We’ll write a real article about it too. 🙂 Happy April Fools! 🙂