Aaron Kromer suspended without pay


Aaron Kromer suspended without pay

Aaron Kromer came into a bit of a problem about a month ago.  He was alleged to have punched a minor in the face over an altercation that took place on the beach where Kromer was living in the off season.

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Additionally, Kromer’s son, Zachery was also brought up on battery charges as well for assaulting the same minor.

Basically the story goes that Kromer heard someone down by his beach chairs early in the morning, he went down to confront and allegedly, assaulted a minor for messing with his beach chairs, a minor that he knew, and then threw his fishing pole into the water.  Aaron Kromer was also said to have threatened the minor by stating that if he told anyone that he would come back and kill his family.

The Buffalo Bills issued a statement involving the incident that they were still investigating and collecting information, just as the NFL was doing as well.  Kromer was suspended indefinitely with pay.

Earlier this week, the case took a turn and all the charges against both Kromer and his son.

The Buffalo Bills came out with another statement yesterday regarding Kromer.

"“Over the past several weeks the Bills organization has gathered information regarding the incident involving Offensive Line Coach Aaron Kromer.  Today we have concluded our investigation and the Buffalo Bills will suspend Coach Kromer without pay for the first six games of the 2015 NFL regular season.  The suspension will begin on Monday, September 7, 2015 and end with the conclusion of the Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals game on October 18, 2015.“We worked in conjunction with the NFL on this matter and we are highly supportive of the NFL Personal Conduct Policy that holds all NFL and club employees to a higher standard.“We look forward to Coach Kromer rejoining the Bills organization at Training Camp.”– Sports Glory"

With this, Kromer is suspended without pay for 6 regular season weeks.  He will be at training camp with the Buffalo Bills and working on the offensive line, that so desperately needs help.

This is, of course, one of the punishments that Kromer will face, basically pertaining to if the NFL decides to add an additional punishment onto what the Buffalo Bills have, but at this point he will be joining the Bills at training camp and will be present throughout the preseason as well.

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