Previewing Bills and Bengals with Stripe Hype


To say this Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals is a big one for the Buffalo Bills is an understatement. For the Bills to prove that they are a playoff contender, beating a team like the unbeaten Bengals is something they have to do.

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To help prepare you a bit more for this weekend’s game in Orchard Park, we spoke to Matthew Willson of Stripe Hype to preview the contest. What does Willson think about this week’s game? Check out the full Q & A below.

The biggest acquisition of the offseason was the return of Michael Johnson. How big has he been to the Bengals defense?

Michael Johnson has been a very large piece to the defensive line, and was considered a huge loss in 2014, so most fans are glad he is back. He demands extra attention by multiple defenders, which frees up the focus on Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap. Giving either of those two a one-on-one match up at the line, which is dangerous.

Johnson fits the chemistry of this defense and even more, he was utilized wrong in Tampa as the only pass rusher instead of a unit that the Bengals implore. He is quick for his size and doesn’t give up on a play, which is something we saw against the Seahawks just one week ago. 


It’s no secret that Andy Dalton’s play has been a big part of the early season success. Is it more of what he’s doing, what the coaches are doing, or the teams they are playing against?

Andy Dalton has had a lot more freedom in this offense. He is confidently giving audibles and locating pressure at the line. He is more comfortable with the balanced offense that Hue Jackson wants to implement and in turn, Hue Jackson has given Dalton more freedom and leadership responsibilities. Dalton has answered the call.

It seems as though Marvin Lewis has finally gotten this team firing on all cylinders. What do you think is the biggest reason? What has he done differently?

I think Marvin Lewis is more of the general manager than the head coach. He is still on the sideline managing the game, but the decisions of the players, draft targets, and who the Bengals go after in free agency is in the hands of Lewis. He is known as a players coach and usually only steps in when he absolutely must. Lewis’s coordinators and position captains manage the plays, he manages the games. A luxury only a few teams have, all of them are Super Bowl contenders.

Who is someone that the Bills should watch for that they may not consider?

Mohamed Sanu showed last week how dangerous he can be. A.J. Green was shut down, Tyler Eifert was blanketed, and Sanu stepped up. There are a ton of weapons on this team that have seemed to all click at the same time. Sanu grew up a lot last year with injuries to Eifert, Green, and Marvin Jones. He is now becoming a great mismatch for corners, safeties, and line backers who might get matched up against him.

Who takes this one?

Until the Bengals show that they are fading, I have to go with the momentum. The Bengals win this one and the only question is, can Tyrod Taylor keep it close or does E.J. Manuel get pressured out early.

Bengals win 31-17