Buffalo Bills: Rex Ryan jumps on Blue Jays bandwagon


Buffalo Bills: Rex Ryan jumps on Blue Jays bandwagon

As we reported yesterday, Rex Ryan took some time out from his busy schedule with the Buffalo Bills, to visit a maze which featured his face. It’s important to make the most of any free time, especially as things are only going to get more intense in the weeks and months that follow.

Along those lines, another opportunity to take a breather came on Tuesday, with the team enjoying a day off from training camp. This time, Ryan decided to make a trip north of the border, and visit Toronto:

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As you can imagine, this led to several light-hearted comments about what the Bills head coach was doing in Southern Ontario. This included one claiming that Mike Rodak had confirmed the franchise was moving to Toronto. (Despite being ESPN’s Bills writer, Rodak is perceived as been extremely biased against the team.)

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My personal favorite was the “rumor” that Ryan was in Toronto to search for a football, after an errant throw by EJ Manuel. However, there was actually a valid reason for his trip to Toronto, as he was in town to watch the Toronto Blue Jays.

(Which leaves you to wonder how the heck he got such a good parking spot?! What makes him so special?!?!)

The former New York Jets head coach actually spent part of his childhood growing up in the area, due to his mother working as a professor at the University of Toronto. During his time there, a young Ryan became a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, in particular idolizing Darryl Sittler.

However, the 52-year old also followed the Blue Jays. In fact, he skipped school in 1977, so he could go and watch their inaugural game at Exhibition Stadium.

As such, now that Ryan is – relatively speaking – back in the area, it would make sense that he makes a trip to watch the Blue Jays play at the SkyDome. He picked a good night to go as well, with Toronto winning against the Minnesota Twins, to keep themselves firmly in the race for the postseason.

Interestingly, the Bills and Blue Jays share an unfortunate connection, with each currently suffering through the longest playoff droughts in their respective sports. With both teams in good shape, Ryan will be hopeful that he has reason to cheer on two fronts during the coming months.

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