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With 8 days until the opening of training camp for the Buffalo Bills, we will take a look back through history at the 10 players that wore the number 38 for the Buffalo Bills.  How many of the 11 players can you name? 

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We don’t see the number 38 on the field for the Buffalo Bills until the 1970s, 1973 to be exact.  Larry Watkins was with the Bills for 2 seasons, 1973 and 1974 as their fullback.  In 24 games, he started 11 of them for the Bills.  He came away with 139 carries for 584 yards and 4 touchdowns.  He added 13 receptions for 93 yards and 1 touchdown as well.

Both Reuben Gibson and Stan Winfrey wore the number 38 for the Buffalo Bills during the 1977 season, and both had short stints with Buffalo as neither recorded any stats with the Buffalo Bills during their time here.

Jeff Nixon is the next player we see with the number 38 during the years of 1979-1982.  He played for 4 seasons in Buffalo finishing with 11 interceptions and 1 touchdown in 43 games for the Bills, 9 of which he started.

Probably the greatest number 38 in the Buffalo Bills history is that of Mark Kelso.  Kelso played for 8 seasons in Buffalo from 1986 until 1993.  Today is Mark Kelso’s birthday as well.  He played in 99 games and started 95 of them for the Buffalo Bills.  One of the safeties during the Super Bowl years, Kelso finished with 30 interceptions for over 300 yards and 1 touchdown.  He also tallied 8 fumble recoveries as well.  He started all 16 playoff games that he was involved in and came away with 4 touchdowns during that time.

Mike Dumas was an 8 year veteran of the NFL but only spent 1 season with the Buffalo Bills, 1994.  He recorded 2 fumble recoveries in 14 games for the Buffalo Bills.

We have to wait until the 2000 season until we see another 38 take the field.  In 2000 to 2002, Shawn Bryson was the lucky recipient to wearing the number 38 for the Buffalo Bills.  In 37 games with the Buffalo Bills, starting 10 of them, he finished with 264 carries for 967 yards and 2 touchdowns.  He added 42 receptions for 339 yards and 2 touchdowns as well.

Jerametrius Butler was the next player to don the number 38 for the Buffalo Bills, playing only 1 season, 7 games total during the 2007 season.  He finished the 7 games with 12 tackles overall.

Corey McIntyre came to the Buffalo Bills in 2008 and stayed for 5 years until 2012.  In 5 years he played in 74 games starting 17 of them.  He was mainly used, offensively as a blocker and had more receptions and carries during his time in Buffalo.  McIntyre had 15 receptions for 99 yards and 9 carries for 39 yards and 1 touchdown.

The most recent player to wear the number 38 for the Buffalo Bills is Frank Summers.  He was recently released by the Buffalo Bills and is currently not on their roster.  Summers was part of the Buffalo Bills for the past 2 seasons being part of a running game that has tried to be resurrected.  He has started 15 of 25 games for the Buffalo Bills with 18 attempts for 63 yards and 2 touchdowns.  He did add 12 receptions for 88 yards and a touchdown as well in the air.

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