Buffalo Bills history: Who wore it #36


Continuing with our series of who wore which number for the Buffalo Bills throughout the years of history, today we will be looking at those of the number 36.  There are a total of 11 of them from start to present.

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The first in our quest today begins in 1968 with Bob Cappadona.  He was in the league for 3 years with his final in 1968 with the Bills. With the Buffalo Bills, Cappadona had 73 attempts for 272 yards and a TD.  He added 19 receptions for 92 yards and 2 more touchdowns for his time with Buffalo.

Greg Jones in 1970 to 1971 is the next player to wear the number 36 for the Buffalo Bills.  He only had two years in the league, both being with the Bills.  47 attempts for 166 yards and a touchdown with 24 receptions for 204 yards and another touchdown was his mark left on the league.

Pete Van Valkenberg was the next player to wear 36 for the Bills.  He was with them for 13 games during the 1973 season and recorded 1 kick return.

Jeff Kinney was only with the Buffalo Bills for part of the season in 1976, 12 games total to be exact but finished with 116 carries for 475 yards and 1 touchdown.

We don’t see another 36 on the field until 1984.  Rodney Bellinger was with the team until 1986.  Played in 42 games for the Buffalo Bills at CB and started 11 of those.  He came away with 4 interceptions during that time.

During the lockout year, 1987 Steve Clark was in uniform for the Buffalo Bills for 3 games.  He came away with 1 interception for 23 yards.

Jerome Henderson was with the Buffalo Bills on two separate occasions between the years of 1993 and 1994.  In 1993 he was with the Bills for 2 games and had only 1 fumble recovery.  In 1994 he played in 12 games and came away with 2 tackles.

Lawyer Milloy is the next player we see to don the number 36 for the Bills.  Milloy was in the league for 15 years 3 of them with Buffalo from 2003-2005.  During his time in Buffalo, he played in 43 games, all of which he started.  He had 3 interceptions, 183 tackles and 88 assists.

Darien Barnes was brought in during the 2008 season.  He was brought in as their fullback but was released 4 games into the season.

Delano Howell was the next on the list for the Buffalo Bills and the number 36 but only for 1 game in the 2012 season.

The most current number 36 on the team is Jonathan Meeks.  Meeks has been a part of the team for 2013.  He played in 8 games in 2013  and had 2 tackles but played in none last year.  He is currently an option for the open spot at safety next to Aaron Williams.

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