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We are just over 10 days, counting the hours, away from the 2015 NFL Draft.  The Buffalo Bills have 6 picks this year and are without a 1st round pick.  Back in the 1990s Mike Ditka came up with a grading value chart for all of the draft picks.  We are going to take a look at what the Buffalo Bills have, as far as options, within the grading of their draft pick values.

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In this years draft, the Buffalo Bills have 6 picks.  They are missing the 1st round as it was traded to Cleveland last year, so that Buffalo could move up to get Sammy Watkins.  The 19th overall pick has a numerical value of 875.  Buffalo’s first pick comes in the second round and has a numerical value of 400.

Basically, what Mike Ditka was doing was putting together a chart to have each pick being represented as a value for trade purposes.  Now, these worked great when it is draft pick for draft pick and no players are included, and also the addition of compensatory picks adds in a bit of a wrench because most of the 7th round picks have no value what-so-ever, which is pretty much true.

If a team wants to move up in the first round, from lets say the 16th overall position to the 8th overall position.  The 16th pick has a numerical value of 1000 and the 8th has one of 1400.  The 16th ranked team would give up their number 1 as well as their number 2.  The 16th pick would also have the 48th overall pick which is valued at 420.  Adding these two together would give the 16th overall pick enough value, per the chart, to make a fair trade to the 8th overall team.

As for the Buffalo Bills, the 50th overall pick has a value of 400. The 81st overall pick sits are 185, 155th overall pick is 29.4, 188th overall pick is 16.2, the 194th overall pick is valued at 13.8 and their 7th round pick at 235 overall has no value based on the compensatory picks.

Even if Buffalo was looking to move up into the first round and all of their picks were used as valued trade bait, they would be able to move up as far as the 29th overall pick.  This has a value of 640 and all the picks combined, for Buffalo, come in with a value of 644.4.  If Buffalo would be looking to make it into the first round to get a player that may make a difference, picks and a player will have to be a part of that trade.  The may be able to wiggle to the 27th overall pick with their group of picks as the value sits at 680 for the 27th spot, but past that would be a stretch, plus I can’t see Buffalo trading up for a player a tthe 27th spot, but you never know.

Here is the complete break down of picks from 1 to 224 as far as value goes.

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