Doug Whaley, Buffalo Bills More Likely To Move Back


The Buffalo Bills made a bold move last year and traded their first and fourth round picks of this year so that they could move up to get Sammy Watkins, a whole 5 spots total.  With that move it leaves the Buffalo Bills with a limited amount of picks early on in the draft, which could limit what they want to do when it comes to picking certain players.  

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While nothing is out of the realm of possibilities as we saw with last years move, Doug Whaley did say that it is not likely that they move up this year.

"“We’re going to set up our board where we’ll put a demarcation line where if we see guys fall — and we think we have a chance to go up and get, and we would consider it — but I’ll tell you right now, with the lack of ammunition, I would highly, highly doubt that we Get Get ,” Whaley said, via “We’d be more prone to listen to offers to move back from 50 and pick up more picks, but again, I will never say never.”–"

The lack of ammunition is in the form of draft picks.  If they were going to use draft picks to move up, it would have to be a calculated risk for the Buffalo Bills to use next years picks to help bring in a higher ranked prospect in this years draft.

I can more see the Buffalo Bills and Doug Whaley biding their time and gaining draft picks in this years draft or gaining a couple more in next years draft to allow for a team to move up to the 50th or 81st overall picks.  If a player is not there that excites them and they can get 2 or 3 more picks later in the draft, why not trade and gain the extra two picks to bring in depth personnel that will help round out and fill in the needed holes as well as provide a little more competition during training camp.

There is always that diamond in the rough that can be found in the 6th or 7th round.  Seantrel Henderson is a decent example at this point as he has shown to have the talent and potential to be an anchor on the right side of the line as a 7th round pick.

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