Buffalo Bills Draft Prospects: Carl Davis


Defensive line has been a place where the Buffalo Bills are able to rely on to get production out of.  With Rex Ryan as the new head coach and the Buffalo Bills being able to look to the future, don’t put it past Rex to look at the defensive side of the ball to, not necessarily upgrade but build for the future, even though an offensive lineman might be the smarter choice, Rex has not drafted offensive players very well in the past.

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We look at Carl Davis, out of Iowa, with a draft grade of 5.99, he is right now the border as far as potential NFL starters go and definite NFL starters, but as we all know there are not definites in the NFL.

Over the last two years, Davis has started all 26 games and last year finished with 9 tackles for loss and 2 sacks for Iowa.

Some strengths and weaknesses for Carl Davis are as follows…

"Powerful player. Grows roots against double teams and holds his ground. Noticeable improvement with hands from 2013 to 2014. Shows ability to win with hands and remain disengaged. Fires off the ball with leverage. Strong punch off the snap with power to get arm extension and shed. Uses effective club move as a pass rusher.Plays heavy-legged. Has smaller “radius of impact” than scouts are looking for in a high draft pick. Lacked production as pass rusher over last two seasons. Pursuit can be lazy and uninspired.– NFL.com"

Carl Davis is being compared to C.J. Mosley, of the Detroit Lions.  Mosley has had a successful career since 2005 and has played for 5 teams.

The bottom line is…

"Davis has the height, weight and length of a first-rounder, but his draft value will be hindered by his lack of productivity as a pass rusher. If Davis can get his overall production to match his talent and traits, he’ll have a long NFL career.– NFL.com"

Carl Davis has stated that he will be meeting with Buffalo this coming month.  As a top 10 defensive tackle in the draft, and with Rex Ryan’s recent history of being successful on the defensive side of the ball when it comes to drafting players, Davis might be of some interest to the Buffalo Bills.  If they are, he may not drop to 50th overall and they may need to move up if they are interested in the tackle.

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