Buffalo Bills Draft Prospects: Defensive Line


When you think of the Buffalo Bills and their defense, you think of one of the top defensive lines in the league and one of the top defenses overall as well.  The Buffalo Bills are not in a real need for defensive line personnel but they are in a position to begin to plan for the future and begin to build and form their line for the future.  

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As far as the Bills are concerned, they are set for the next year or so, but past that there might be some question marks that begin to come up.  Even this coming year, there is a question mark.  Marcell Dareus is set to hit trial in a couple of weeks regarding some issues from the offseason of last year.  There will most likely be a suspension involved as well.  The Buffalo Bills have a viable option in the short term in Stefan Charles, but as a rotational player, he is just that, not a starter and a replacement for Marcell Dareus is not a rotational caliber player, if you get my drift.

The Buffalo Bills need to also look to the future and Kyle Williams, who is no spring chicken.  Bringing in prospects to groom and develop now will be in the Buffalo Bills best interest as they move forward to keep this defense in top performance.

As we move forward, we will take a look at 9 possible prospects that the Buffalo Bills may want to consider to bring in for depth as well as grooming down the road.

These 9 players will range from being classified as NFL starters to possible NFL starters, as we looked at for the offensive lineman.  These defensive tackles and nose tackles are ranging from late 1st round picks that may just drop, to 3rd round possibilities.

I believe that the Buffalo Bills should look to their 2nd and 3rd round picks and select and offensive lineman and defensive lineman for depth purposes, unless there is just no one there that excited them, within either of those positions.  Without a 1st or a 4th round pick, these are necessities that should be looked at in the beginning of the draft.  The only other position, that I think needs immediate attention would be a depth position at safety.  We will take a look at the safety position after we finish the defensive line outlook.

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