Buffalo Bills Draft Prospects: Ali Marpet


As we finalize our offensive lineman prospects for the Buffalo Bills, we take a look at a center out of Hobart & William Smith.  The Buffalo Bills need lineman and depth at the offensive lineman position.  They are about 1 good player away from finalizing this piece of the puzzle. Whether they are looking at bringing in a guard or move some of the pieces already in place around to make the puzzle work, we really don’t know, but something has to be finalized.  

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Ali Marpet is a possible center for the Buffalo Bills.  He has a draft grade of 5.52 which is placing him in the category of possible NFL starters.  He started 37 of the 43 games that he played for Hobart.  He is the first division 3 player to be chosen to play in the senior bowl.  In 2014 he did not allow a sack.

Some strengths and weaknesses of Ali’s are…

"Good foot quickness with ability to reach and hook opponents. Quick out of stance and into defender. Usually the low man, using hips and arm extension to lock out and control his man. Has leg drive to drive his man backward and finish. Consistent with hand placement in run and pass. Plays with advanced technique for a Division III player. More than held his own at the Senior Bowl against both quickness and strength.Played against inferior athletic competition and wasn’t challenged enough. Gets caught leaning and lunging. Lets inferior athletes get to his edge.– NFL.com"

Ali Marpet is being compared to Eric Kush, who is part of the Kansas City offensive line corps.

The bottom line for Ali Marpet is…

"Has the body type and movement of a zone-scheme center with guard potential. Technically sound and has athleticism to become an NFL starter, but must prove he can handle the substantial jump in power and speed he will see. Looked strong enough at the Senior Bowl, but he could be a year away from being ready. Ascending prospect with a chance to be one of the steals from this year’s group of interior blockers.– NFL.com"

I think that Marpet will be there come the Buffalo Bills 3rd round pick.  I think that if the Buffalo Bills don’t draft an offensive lineman with their 2nd round pick that they should look at Marpet come the 3rd.  He has potential to make this team and ultimately play either guard or center.  With Eric wood having the availability to move to guard, this would not be the worst idea or move that the Buffalo Bills could make in this draft.  Definite possibility.

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