Buffalo Bills Draft Prospects: B.J. Finney


We continue to look at possible draft prospects the Buffalo Bills could look at during this years draft.  We are coming to an end on the offenisve lineman portion and will move to another position that could be possible depth choices that the Buffalo Bills will look at.

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As far as right now, B.J. Finney is on the list.  Finney is a center out of Kansas State.  He was a walk on at Kansas St and started all 52 games.  He was also the only player to be elected as the team captain for 3 straight years.  Finney stands 6’4″ tall and weighs in at 318 pounds.

With a draft grade of 5.54, he falls into the category of a possible NFL starter and I am looking at Finney to get drafted in the 3rd round.  He is being described as a average center that would be a good back-up.

Some strengths and weaknesses for B.J. Finney are…

"Former walk-on who became a four-year starter and three-time captain. Was a wrestler in high school and shows clear understanding of leverage at the point of attack. Sturdy, NFL-ready build. Is able to use defender’s momentum against him to help create blocking lanes. Very sticky hands and strong core. Uses good hand placement combined with core strength and balance to win his snaps. Makes strong commitment to power-stepping and shutting down gap shooters.Short arms. Will give up ground and create a shallow pocket when longer defenders get into him at the snap. Can get too straight-legged as a blocker and it could limit his effectiveness against twists and delayed, A-gap blitzers.– NFL.com"

Finney is being compared to Corey Linsley and has also said to be reliable and puts the effort forward and plays the game hard.  Linsley is a starting center for the Green Bay Packers, so there may be something there for Finney.

"I don’t know if he’s great at any one thing, but he’s solid at most of them.” — NFC offensive line coach– NFL.com"

As for Kinney, the bottom line on where he stands is this…

"Some evaluators will get caught up on Finney’s lack of athleticism, but his hand strength, body composure and ability to stymie athletic interior players with power should not be discounted. These traits will have NFL offensive-line coaches giving him a plug-and-play starting grade.– NFL.com"

For the Buffalo Bills and looking at getting a center, Finney is a guy that would be a good back-up and appears at this point to be more of a journeyman type player.  The Buffalo Bills need depth on their O-Line, but he is a guy that will not improve this line, right now and that is where the Buffalo Bills need to focus their efforts.

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