NFL Looking To Move More Games Overseas


The NFL has been placing games overseas.  There have been games so far in London and Mexico City.  Expanding overseas, is not limiting the NFL to expanding their hands to other Nations as well.

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At this point, the NFL is looking at having regular season games played in Germany and Mexico.  It has been 10 years since their last game in Mexcio and it was a fairly successful one where more than 100,000 people were in attendance of the game and that was a game against the San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals.

They are also looking at playing games in China, Canada and possibly having the Pro Bowl in Brazil as well.

With these additional games outside of the United States, it will require the NFL teams to give up a home game during the year.  This hurts the season ticket holders and the fans of the teams that are sent overseas.

There is more.  The NFL is looking at having these games as regular season games and these game are ones that count.  So who is going to willingly give up home games to go and play overseas?

"Apart from the fairly new rule that teams hosting a Super Bowl must give up a home game, Breer points out that teams relocating to a new market must sacrifice one home game per year while playing in a temporary venue pending the construction of their new stadium.–"

We may see the additional home games used while building a new stadium, if Los Angeles gets its two new teams to relocate there.  If that is the case, then the NFL will have an additional 1 pick per team for the next year as well, or however long they are in the temporary stadium.  So for at least next year, the city where the Super Bowl will be held, that team could be going overseas.

At least everyone will be able to watch football at 9 in the morning on Sunday’s.  The Buffalo Bills are one of the teams that are being sent overseas this year, heading to London, but are considered the away team, so no loss of home game for them, but they were part of the Canadian expansion losing home games for 4 years until the agreement was cancelled by Terry Pegula.

Can you see the Pro Bowl in Brazil?

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