Buffalo Bills May Not Need To Trade For Evan Mathis


The Buffalo Bills have addressed their offensive line need partially and still need to bring in someone or find someone that can outfit the other guard spot.  Whether it is bringing in another guard to try out at the position, trade for a proven guard, draft a rookie early and hope for the best or drafting another offensive lineman like a tackle or center and moving Cordy Glenn or Eric Woods to the other guard position are all options that should be considered.

One option that was looked at but no move has been made, at least there has not been any interest shown in going in this direction is trading for Evan Mathis, Philadelphia’s top guard.  Not only is he Philadelphia’s top guard but he is also one of the top guards in the league.  Although he is 33, he is was graded as the second best guard in the league last year.

It looks as though, Chip Kelly is getting rid of anyone that was on the team prior to his entrance as head coach.  There have been a number of veteran’s traded for just released into free agency without being a thought on Chip Kelly’s mind.  Buffalo knows this well as they received one of the top backs in the league for a 3rd year linebacker in Kiko Alonso who has injury issues with his knees.

Evan Mathis and Chip Kelly seem to be so far apart in their thoughts that Kelly is considering cutting Evan Mathis if he can not trade the guard.

Mathis is set to receive 6.5 million this year and 7 million next year in his two remaining years on his contract.  Chip kelly looks as though he does not want to put that much money into a guard and the difference of opinion falls into place because Evan Mathis believes he is worth more than what is remaining on his contracts.

Mathis is getting up there in age, but is still able to perform at a top level.  If he is cut, do the Buffalo Bills restructure Mario Williams to free up the necessary cap room to bring him in.  I think that if he is released, there should be some effort on the Buffalo Bills part to make a move on him and bring him in as the final piece of the offensive line puzzle.

Yes, the Buffalo Bills still need a quarterback, but with every other piece in place, an average quarterback should be able to get this team, with the weapons that it has now, as well as the protection with an upgraded offensive line, to the wild card if not farther on into the playoffs.

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