NFL Announces Compensatory Picks For 2015


Yesterday, the NFL announced the compensatory picks for this coming year.  Compensatory picks are based off of gains and losses during the free agency period from a year ago.  It basically boils down to, if the team loses more free agents to other teams, than it brings in then they are awarded additional picks for the following draft.

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The draft order was finalized yesterday and additional picks were doled out.

The Buffalo Bills were no where to be found for getting any love with the additional picks.  Last years free agency, did not provide enough gaps for the Buffalo Bills to be awarded any compensatory picks.  Although, next year, the Buffalo Bills could be in line for a couple of picks to come their way in the 2016 draft.

The secret to getting compensatory picks is to avoid unrestricted free agents and sign players that were cut by their teams prior to the free agency period and of course the biggest part of it, losing free agents to other teams.

As far as the winners and losers for compensatory picks; Kansas City, Denver and Seattle all received 4 additional picks in this years draft.  Baltimore and Houston each received 3 additional picks.  New England, Cincinnati, Carolina, Green Bay, and San Francisco all received an additional 2 picks for the draft and to round out the compensatory awardance St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, and Arizona each received 1 additional draft pick.

As far as where they all landed with the additional picks, the picks can range from mid-level 3rd round picks all the way to late round 7ths depending on the level of free agents that were lost.

New England was awarded the highest compensatory pick this year with the 97th overall pick which falls into the 3rd round, a couple of picks after the Buffalo Bills select in the 3rd.

The last pick falls to the Arizona Cardinals with the 257th pick, which falls into the 7th round.

For a complete breakdown of picks and where they are all being assigned and who really had the better compensatory awardance, check out Pro Football Talk for the breakdown of the awarded picks.

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