Buffalo Bills Draft Prospects: Jake Fisher


In a quite second week of the NFL League Year, and with nothing happening on the free agent front fro a lot of team, there is look to the draft.  What will the Buffalo Bills do with their first pick of the 2015 NFL Draft? We are going to keep looking at potential prospects that could come out of the draft for the Buffalo Bills.

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Jake Fisher is coming out of Oregon as a offensive tackle.  He played in 50 games and started in 35 of them.  He has been classified as being “more polished” than former Oregon offensive lineman Kyle Long.  This coming from his offensive line coach.  FIsher has played both right and left tackle at Oregon over a 2 year span.

Here are some of Jake Fisher’s strengths and weaknesses as per NFL.com’s player draft profile…

"Former tight end who moves easily and naturally. Good initial quickness to reach cross-face blocks. Finisher in zone game. Can sustain blocks with proper hip roll and balance through contact. Keeps base wide and uses choppy, controlled steps in pass sets. Mirrors well and has feet to shut down stunts inside. Well-timed and effortless transition from initial block to second-level assignment.One of the most penalized tackles in 2015 draft class over last two seasons, including six holding calls during 2014 season. Needs angles to get consistent push in run game. Lacks power. Allows outside hand to get wide in pass pro, opening himself up to bull rush. Catches pass rusher rather than punching. Not much pop in his hands. – NFL.com"

Jake Fisher is a possibility for the Buffalo Bills.  He has the size that you would want in a tackle, as he did play TE before.  He does lack power, but that can is something that can be upgraded in the weight room and leverage and angles can be taught as well.  Fisher might not be a bad option if it comes to it and he is still available at number 50.

The Bottom Line is…

"If you are a zone-based team looking for an athletic, well-schooled tackle who can come in and compete for a starting position right away, then Fisher is your guy. He has the feet to play the left side and is savvy enough in the run game to man the right side. He needs more weight on his frame, but guard is also an option for Fisher.– NFL.com"

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