Buffalo Bills Draft Prospects: Cameron Erving


Cameron Erving is the first center that we care taking a look at that might possibly just fall to the 50th spot overall and to the Buffalo Bills.  Although unlikely, as he is being projected to go in the first round in some mock drafts, we will still take a look at him as he falls within the category of being a possible NFL starter.

Cameron Erving is a versatile player.  He went to Florida State as a coveted defensive tackle.  He redshirted his freshman year after a back injury.  Cam back in 2011 and was only mildly productive as a defensive tackle.  He made the switch and played left tackle to help solidify the offensive line for the Seminoles and was the blind side protection for EJ Manuel.  After two years at Left Tackle, Erving made the switch inside where he finished out the 2014 season at center.

He has the size of a tackle, but has the skill set to play anywhere on the line.  Cameron Erving stands 6’5″ weighing in at 313 pounds.

Here are some strengths and weaknesses as per NFL.com’s draft player profile.

"Keeps busy and works to secure blocks in run game. Good foot quickness into pass set. Consistently in ready position with good hand readiness in pass sets. Uses good hand placement and has natural timing with hands. Converted defensive tackle who will continue to improve in the NFL with more experience at center. Displays good snap-to-step quickness. Uses quickness to attack defender and begin his grind much earlier than when he played tackle.High-cut with tapered lower body, lacking power in legs. Pops straight up in pass rush. Susceptible to bull rush. Had issues handling the edge speed of Clemson’s Vic Beasley in 2014 and his days of playing tackle are likely over. Relies on lean rather than hip thrust to generate power.– NFL.com"

As far as the Buffalo Bills are concerned, this might be a guy to look at because he has the versatility to play across the line and could even be a fill in at defensive tackle is need be.  If still available at number 50, which might be a long shot, they need to give this guy a serious look.

He is compared to our own Eric Wood as a lineman.

Here is the bottom line…

"Former defensive lineman who is still learning the nuances of offensive-line play after just two seasons as a starter. Has the length and foot quickness to play tackle, but film work shows that he will have a much more successful career at center. Possesses skill set and temperament to show rapid development. Could be a Day 1 starter, but a year of seasoning would help.– NFL.com"

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