Charles Clay Signs Offer, Buffalo Bills Next Moves


Last night Charles Clay reportedly signed an offer sheet that the Buffalo Bills had presented him, a long a waiting of an offer.  Charles Clay obviously liked what he saw with the Buffalo Bills giving him 38 million over the course of 5 years with 20 million of it guaranteed.  The Buffalo Bill are also providing Clay with 24 of the 38 million over the first 2 years.

It looks as though the Bills front loaded the contract, in an attempt to make it almost impossible for the Miami Dolphins to be able to match the offer or even want to for that matter.  The Dolphins will most likely not match the offer as they have already signed TE Jordan Cameron for 2 years, although they do have 5 days to match it declare that they will not match it.  Will Miami wait the 5 days?

Charles Clay was the last major outlook for the Buffalo Bills this offseason, at least ones that we know about.  As far as the free agent market goes, there are a couple of players that are still out their but they are part of the second tier players that are not the big signers but could upgrade your team at certain positions.

The Buffalo Bills are still in need of interior line help whether it comes in the form of an offensive tackle and Cordy Glenn is moved to the inside, one of the current roster cohabitants is able to step up and make a play for that starting position i.e. Cyril Richardson, Chris Williams, Kraig Urbik or even Cyrus Kouandjio, or they are able to find someone come the 2015 NFL Draft.

The draft seems to be the better option to bring in someone that is fresh and might not have a skill set that is already on the team.

Either way, whether the Buffalo Bills find their player through the draft or on their current roster, it needs to be an upgrade from last year and this is the next move that the Buffalo Bills need to focus their energy on; the offensive line.

We will start taking a look at the draft prospects that are out their might just possibly be pulled in by the Buffalo Bills come late April/early May.

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