Fan Reaction To Offer Sheet Given To Charles Clay


The Buffalo Bills and Charles Clay waiting game is over for fans.  It was reported that Buffalo was cooking up a deal that both Clay couldn’t turn down and the Miami Dolphins wouldn’t be able to match.

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For full details on the deal, make sure to click on the “next post” button at the bottom of the article.  In the meantime, take some time to enjoy these tweets from fans across Twitter.

I’m happy to report that Charles Clay has not changed his name to Jimmy Graham.

Also happy to report that Clay won’t be suiting up for Brui… oh wait, wrong city.

I can only imagine all the benji’s getting slung around the Pegula household.

This guy doesn’t have much faith for either the Bills or the Dolphins.   

I don’t know Scott.  But I’m loving every second of it.

Are they? 

This guy thinks so.  Did they test dank at the combine this year?  Can Matt Miller over at Bleacher Report confirm?

It’s nice to see Cleveland Browns fans still exist.  Almost didn’t recognize them sporting their new orange apparel.

Not sure what Bills fans would resent more: This Clay deal going through or this guy running Buffalo’s front office.

Nice to know there won’t be any Taylor Swift songs surrounding this divorce from Dolphins fans.

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