Buffalo Bills Week 1 Of Free Agency


Week one of free agency is in the books and the Buffalo Bills probably the most active that they have been in any free agency in years past.  They hit the ground running and made moves even before free agency started.  The Buffalo Bills made two trades which really were not part of free agency but did not become official until the free agency period opened and became official. 

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LeSean McCoy and Matt Cassel were brought in via trade, and really the Buffalo Bills only really gave up Kiko ALonso for both of them, if you look at it.

As far as free agency is concerned, Jerry Hughes was the big name guy in the beginning for the Buffalo Bills, agreeing to come back, as there was “unfinished business” here on the defensive side of the ball.  Jerome Felton and Tyrod Taylor were added to the mix to help out the running game as well as the add a little more competition for EJ Manuel and the quarterback position.

Both Marcus Easley and Jarius Wynn decided that it was the right move to come and play for Rex Ryan, so the defensive line and the special teams areas are going to be pretty much the same as last year, which is not a bad thing as both were productive units on the field.

Percy Harvin was the final addition during the first week, adding another weapon on offense and a versatile player that can be a productive member of the offense whether he is lining up as a tradition wide receiver or if he is in the back field or in motion for a jet sweep.

The versatility of this offense at this point is unbelievable.  They will be able to stretch the field in both directions, vertically and horizontally.  They will be able to pass when they are in a formation to run and run when they look to be passing.  Keeping the defense guessing will be the name of the game and the Buffalo Bills are in line to do it.

Another addition during the offseason, which really didn’t fall into free agency and was not an acquisition of a trade was the signing of Ritchie Incognito.  With Incognito signing with Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills, there is an added strength to the offensive line, which was the Bills achilles heal last year.  There is still some work that needs to be done, but it is still an improvement from last year.

There is still one more player on the Buffalo Bills radar and that is TE Charles Clay.  Clay is another versatile back that can run the ball out of the back field, is arguably the best run and pass blocking TE on the market right now, and can also be a threat down the field on passing plays.  Keep your eyes on that as it should be coming down the pipes today.

Up next is the NFL Draft as far as big events for the NFL.  As the first week of free agency is in the books, not a lot of major happenings of to dos will be coming through the pipelines. There may be a signing here or there but for most of the big name players, they have found new homes.

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