Rex Ryan Buffalo Bills Returning To 1964


Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills have been quite active in this offseason.  They have enhanced their offense in more than one way by adding QB Matt Cassel, OG Ritchie Incognito, FB Jerome Felton and most of all RB LeSean McCoy.  

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With addition of Matt Cassel and having EJ Manuel on the roster as well, the Buffalo Bills also brought in another quarterback in Tyrod Taylor to compete against the other two.  Could Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills look back to throw back to the glory days?

Back in 1964, Lou Saban was the coach.  Jack Kemp was his quarterback.  But Kemp was only the quarterback for the first half of the games.  Daryle Lamonica, nicknamed “The Fireman” would come into the games if Jack Kemp was hurt or was just plain ineffective, to pull out a victory.  With this scenario, the Buffalo Bills were able to start the season 8-0 with this one two punch and finished the season 12-2 as well as two AFL championships in 1964 and 1965.

Adding a veteran quarterback and having a idea of Rex Ryan’s style, could it be and would it be possible for the Buffalo Bills to change quarterbacks, every game when one just is not getting the job done.  This would create not only another aspect that the defense would have to prepare for, but it could also add another level of play calling into the mix, that one quarterback would not be able to execute.

Matt Cassel is not a quarterback that you think is going to beat you with his feet, but EJ Manuel and Tyrod Taylor are quarterbacks that can run if they need to, which is what Colin Kaepernick was as well. Cassel brings the accuracy to the table, what EJ lacks, and allows for a different part of the playbook to open up.

With the use of two of these quarterbacks, Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills would have use of an entire playbook for the first time in who knows how long.

It almost falls into the old adage of “hindsight is 20/20” but instead of learning from it, why not repeat it.  It worked for them back then, and no one is doing it now.  The K-Gun was something different that took a couple of years to learn to defend, why not prepping for 2 quarterbacks instead of one.

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