Fred Jackson Is Staying, For Now


It was rumored yesterday that Fred Jackson, long time Buffalo Bills running back was set to be released.  That did not happen, in fact is was announced yesterday that a decision had been made to keep Fred Jackson on the team.  The decision by the team was also not unanimous as it seems that owner, Terry Pegula, had stepped in and had a say in the change to keep Jackson on the team. 

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Now it looks as though the decision to keep Fred Jackson, even with LeSean McCoy set to be the feature back and also with reports that Bilal Powell is interested in reunited with Rex Ryan.

Fred Jackson would be a part of 4 running backs on the team, currently, and if Bilal Powell joins them, it would make 5 and we can probably guarantee that all 5 will not make it to the start of training camp.

McCoy is you obvious starter.  Anthony Dixon is a special teamer, right now.  There was talk of Bryce Brown being the second back behind McCoy to spell him and be able to nab 30% of the carries for the year, but Fred Jackson is the best blocking back that they have so something or someone will have to give.

It is also being reported that Fred Jackson was asked to restructure his contract for this coming year, the second year on his 2 year contract where he is set to make 2.6 million.

Even if Bilal Powell does not come to Buffalo, do the Buffalo Bills keep all 4 backs for injury reasons as well as special role players? Anthony Dixon is kept on special teams and is the 4th back on the depth chart.  Fred Jackson comes in on certain passing plays for blocking purposes only and may get 10% of the snaps and carries.  Bryce Brown becomes the spell back and will get 15% – 20% of the snaps and carries and LeSean McCoy would get the remaining 70% or so.

This would also be in effect if everyone stays healthy.  Injuries do occur, as we saw last year and both Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller were out at the same time so what’s not to say that something similar happens again this year? It very well could.  Keeping all 4 backs, for security purposes may be something to think about, but it does take away from having depth at another position.  All decisions that I don’t get paid to make.

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