Hiring Rex Ryan Just Rebranded The Buffalo Bills


Yesterday Bills fans all over the world got a look at their new head coach. Rex Ryan was as advertised in his first press conference, and laid out just how he wants to approach this job. If you are a lifelong Bills fan you fully understand why hiring Ryan has just changed everything over night. It wasn’t all that long ago that landing a big name coach was just a dream. This is a Terry Pegula hire, and your grandfathers Bills are no more. Welcome to the NFL.

The Bills have needed a rebranding like few other teams have before. Everything for the look to the talk coming out of One Bills Drive looked like something out of 1960. Everything was safeguarded, and there was no real attitude. Rex Ryan just changed all of that. The man who is now in charge on the field will bring attitude and swagger. The best part may be he will expect his team to conduct themselves the same way. I’m not a fan of cockiness, but I don’t think Ryan or his Bills will be cocky. They will be confident, and play a hard hitting style of football. Something that fits Buffalo’s blue-collar attitude.

I’m not sure if it was intended, but hiring Rex Ryan will draw more young adults back to the Bills. They can relate with the man, and the way he carries himself.

Some people thought the Pegula’s needed to change the name and logo, but they didn’t want to. It turns out they didn’t need to. The “new” look

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Buffalo Bills will hopefully bring the charging Buffalo back to respectability. As we all know nothing is a lock in the NFL, and the Bills have had their share of bad breaks. But Rex Ryan will be a breath of fresh air and will change how the Bills are looked at in the league.

The once stale press conferences and defensive attitude is gone, and while the in your face attitude will take some getting used to things are finally looking up for the Bills. Of course a 1-4 start will undo everything, but at least for the time being the Buffalo Bills we love has gotten a very much needed facelift.