The Moral vs. On Field Issue That Is Ray Rice


ESPN sources report that four teams are interested in Ray Rice, although only two teams have agreed to have their names publicly named. That may be the case but I’m not sure I want him anywhere near Buffalo or the surrounding areas. Rice may have served his time in the eyes of the NFL, but if he came to Bills country there would need to be a fair amount of explaining.

Earlier today BLD had an article suggesting that the Buffalo Bills may have interest in singing the former Ravens running back. While there has been no report linking the Bills to the trouble 27-year-old there are moral issue to consider before we even think about Ray Rice in red, white and Blue. As Bills fan we all have a high standard for the players that call Buffalo home, and while most of us believe in second chances this may not be the right second chance to give right now.

On one hand we have a player that has been reinstated and allowed to find a team in the NFL; on the other hand we have a domestic abuse problem. There is one rule all males hear

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growing up, and that is “never lay your hands on a women in anger” Rice clearly broke that rule. And there is no hiding from that. But, should his error in judgment end his career? Some of you will say yes, he made the mistake he needs to deal with that. There will be others that believe there should be a separation between work and home life.

This is a different kind of issue. People do deserve forgiveness, but they also need to deal with the fallout they have created. Rice did serve his suspension, and he has had financial loss, but does bringing him into Buffalo make sense? His on field productivity in 2013 was about half of what he did in 2012. That could be an age thing at 27 he is getting old for a starting top-tier running back, but with CJ Spiller’s future unknown could the addition Rice help this team? Maybe, but again how would the Bills sell it to their fans?

It would be one thing is the Bills needed a back like Rice for a Super Bowl run, but just adding him for a playoff push doesn’t really fit long-term. Also, let me be clear I’m in no way justifying his action. What Ray Rice did is completely wrong. This is a football vs. moral compass debate, and it will not be won by either side. As we know money and talent talks in the NFL. All one has to do is look at Michael Vick, and countless others that teams have given second chances to.

A person has the right to resume their career once cleared of criminal issues. It’s just a fact in today’s society, and by NFL standards he has done that. Just answer me this; when a little girl’s cheers for a Ray Rice touchdown how would you feel?