After Off-Season Upgrades Will Ralph Wilson Stadium be Ready in Time?


Ralph Wilson Stadium has been the home of the Buffalo Bills since 1973 and they have upgraded the stadium a few times in the past to make it a fan friendly and more aesthetically pleasing environment. I happen to drive by the stadium on Saturday and was with a friend of mine and we both thought the same thing: Is this stadium going to be ready for their first preseason game on August 23rd as there was rubble everywhere also the frame for the Bills team store/main entrance was barely up and there was no one working either. They might do their work at night; however with how crazy and unpredictable the weather has been lately in Western New York  and usually it’s worse down near Ralph Wilson Stadium for one reason or another.

From New “super gates” will allow quicker entry into Ralph Wilson Stadium an enhanced pregame experience with video boards featuring Bills shows and highlights. As these efficient gates can accommodate more fans, the number of entry points will go from the current nine gates to six super gates, which will be pushed out from the stadium to increase the perimeter of the complex and allow for better navigation once inside the gates.  Also the current scoreboard will maintain its height, but will grow by more than 60 feet as sponsor boards are taken from their current locations and more video screen is added for an enhanced in-game feel. Though already HD, the quality of the picture will be even crisper after its replacement. Two new HD video boards will be added above the tunnel end zones to give fans on the opposite side, below the current scoreboard, a better view. A new LED digital board will also be added for sponsor signage and there are several other upgrades that can be read on the link above.

The majority of the outside of Ralph Wilson Stadium is now painted partially black, ideally to make it look sleek if they make it all black; however that means they’ll have to change the lettering on the outside from Black to ideally white; however Bills colors would look great too.

All and all, it should be interesting to see what happens between now and August 23rd in what they do to Ralph Wilson Stadium and what the finished product will look like. What do you expect Ralph Wilson Stadium to look like? What do you look forward to seeing when the remodel is complete? Like this article, share it on twitter and leave a comment below and let’s discuss this more!