Bills Fans it’s time to Raid the Ralph


Nov 17, 2013; Orchard Park, NY, USA; The American Flag on the field before a gam,e between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, it became clear to me that it’s up to the Bills fans to make sure the Bills don’t relocate. Yes, I know many analyst and experts have come out and said the same thing. So no, I am not trying to take credit for the idea. However, I am one of the first ones to call out the Bills fans and tell them it’s our time to lead the charge.  If you haven’t got the chance take a look at my Open Message to the Buffalo Bills Fans it explains a lot.

Now we all know there has been some serious talk about the Bills leaving Western New York, however, we all know this won’t happen anytime soon. Yeah, I guess what I am trying to say is there is still a chance. We have the opportunity to make it known that we stand behind our team through thick and thin. Yes, I know some of you may be saying well I do, but the fact is we have been slacking as a fan base.

We haven’t been filling the seats and supporting our team week in and week out. Yes, I know there have been some struggles over the last few years (okay more than a decade) and I can’t say they will stop. But I do know one thing, if we keep slacking as a fan base and not filling the seats, the struggles of our team will be the least of our concerns.

Now when it comes to the Bills leaving Western New York many would assume get out our pens and start sending around the petitions. Well folks that only goes so far and in the end it comes down to money. The loudest statement we can make as fans is making sure we fill the Ralph (Ralph Wilson Stadium for those who don’t know what I was referring to). The Ralph roughly holds 73,000 fans on any given Sunday and it’s said that the craziest area is the Rockpile. Now, sure we can all try to get in the Rockpile but let’s be honest it’s physically impossible.

I am asking you fellow fans, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, lets come together right this year. Lets make a statement to the players, to the coaches, to the front office, to the league and to potential buyers that Buffalo has the best fan base in the nation. No matter how bad our team is we will be there every week to support them. Now, if you have never been to the Ralph I dare you to buy tickets. If you only go twice a year, go to three. And if you have been thinking about buying season tickets, go all in.  This year Bills fans are the ones leading the charge, this year we need to #RaidTheRalph, because it’s up to us to make sure that the Ralph sells out and it’s up to us to make sure Ralph’s team stays where it belongs.

To keep the dream alive log on to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or other social media and spread the word #RaidTheRalph or follow me @RaidTheRalph. Let’s make sure we sell out every home game this year.