An Open Message to the Fans of the Buffalo Bills


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Dear Bills Fans,

As a child, many of us probably remember running around in my backyard pretending to be  Thurman Thomas juking out defenders and running for the game winning touchdown, or even pretending to be the great Jim Kelly throwing the deep ball to Andre Reed.For a kid born and raised in the hills of Pennsylvania it wasn’t always easy rooting for the Bills. When most kids were supporting the Eagles or Steelers on the playground I wore Bills colors with pride. Sure many kids back in the day couldn’t say much because back in the 90’s winning was easy for Buffalo. Every Sunday growing up I expected the Bills to win, I expected Thomas to get a touchdown or Bruce Smith to come off the edge and crush the opposing quarterback. Back then losing wasn’t an option it was never thought of and when it did happen it was painful, but you knew the following Sunday the Bills would rise again.

However, as many of us fans know the glory days are gone and it’s been a rough couple of years. Ever since the Music City Miracle play it’s been depressing. The organization has been trying to replace Kelly year after year, they have had several bad first and second round draft picks, and a number of new head coaches that have all failed. Many fan bases wouldn’t keep watching as their team has missed playoffs year after year. However, every week Bills fans keep showing back up to support the Bills. Every week many throw on the jerseys and some even throw on those crazy zubaz pants. Thousands fill the parking lots and raid the Ralph, others keep tailgating listening to it on the radio, some watch it at home in the comfort of their own home but no matter what week in and week out we show our support.

Even through the struggles the pride of being a Bills fan hasn’t been lost. However, if the Bills would leave Western New York, it would be painful. As many of us know Buffalo has been the topic of relocation for years. Since the passing of Ralph Wilson Jr., relocation has become a real thought to many us.  Analyst and experts all over have said time and time again, Buffalo is a prime team for relocation, however, the fans beg to differ. Even Ralph’s original spot wasn’t in Buffalo, it was suppose to be in Miami but he was turned down (thank god), and his next choice was Buffalo. Since 1959, the Bills have been playing in Western New York and fans have been rooting for them through thick and thin.

So many of you may be asking why I am writing this. Well as hard as it is to believe it’s our turn to step up and show the world why we want the Bills to stay put. Ralph kept this team here since 1959 and now it may depend on us. The last few years as a fan base we haven’t been as strong as everyone thinks. I can’t help but notice the amount of opposing fans that are filling the Ralph, and the amount of games that aren’t sold out. If we want to Bills to stay this needs to change. If we want to keep the Bills, it starts with us. As fans we can show the NFL, potential buyers, other teams and other fans that the Buffalo Bills shouldn’t go anywhere. We need to “#RaidtheRalph” on Sundays and start selling out games. We need to bring back the best 12th man in the NFL and make some noise for our players. As a fan base we need to come together whether it means your part of the #BillsMafia, #FamBase, or if your just a genuine fan, it’s our time to shine, it’s our time to lead the charge and keep the Buffalo Bills where they belong.

A worried Buffalo Bills fan.

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