Moving along with our question and answer segment with the other Fansided blogs.  This w..."/> Moving along with our question and answer segment with the other Fansided blogs.  This w..."/>

Q&A with The Jet Press


Moving along with our question and answer segment with the other Fansided blogs.  This week we were able to get in contact with Alan Schechter, the editor for the Fansided Jets blog, The Jet Press.  Here are the questions and answers that Alan provided for the upcoming Buffalo Bills and NY Jets game.

1. What’s the status with Sanchez?  Will he be back and also what do the Jets fans think of him?  Mark Sanchez is on injured reserve, designated to return.  He will be active again, after the Jets’ bye week mid-year.  He actually expects to play, although that isn’t likely.  They have to give the reigns to Geno for the entire year to see what they have.  I am a big fan of Mark, but I am one of the view.  Most Jets’ fans would trade him for a six pack at this point.
2. How has Geno Smith stepped in?  Does he look comfortable? When Sanchez comes back is it his job or does he have to win it back?  Geno has stepped in fairly well.  He has had his moments, but he has had his problems as well.  He kept them in the New England game, but through three interceptions in the final 11 minutes of the game.  Is he comfortable?  That answer is a work in progress.  He can make all the throws, looks comfortable in the pocket, and seems to understand the Marty Mornhinweg offense.  He needs to get the ball out faster, and have better pocket presence.  It is definitely not Mark Sanchez’s job when he gets back.  Despite the fact that he feels he should be playing, I don’t see that happening.  The Geno Smith era is here to stay, at least for one season so they can see what they have.
3. Who has been a stand out player for the Jets through 2 weeks?  First round pick Sheldon Richardson has been all they have asked for and more.  He has been stout against the run and has already had an influence on the pass rush.  Same goes for second year defensive tackle Damon Harrison.  Here is a guy that is actually a terrific story.  An undrafted rookie last year from a small college in Iowa, has made his way up the depth chart as is one of the top ranked DT on Pro Football Focus.  The Jets’ defensive line, for the first time in probably 20+ years, is the star of the team.

4. How are the Jets going to handle the familiar defensive schemes of Mike Pettine?  The chess match between Marty Mornhinweg and Mike Pettine will be very interesting to watch.  They are going to have to attack with a balanced attack.  Balance is not in Marty Mornhinweg’s blood, but he is going to have to try.  I am sure Mike will try to confuse Geno with multiple looks, and Rex and company will have him ready for it.

5. What is your prediction for the results on Sunday?  With all due respect to the start by the Bills, and by E.J. Manuel, Rex Ryan has a great success rate going against rookie quarterbacks.  I think he will give Manuel fits all day, and the Jets win this one going away, something like 24-10.