Kiko B. Ware! Bills Linebacker Ready To Make Immediate Impact.


Kiko Alonso at the 2013 NFL Combine

For those of you that are not familiar with Kiko Alonso he is an absolute machine. The guy does it all from rushing the passer to flying through the air like superman for interceptions. He is hungry for the ball and will strip it right from your hands. He will lunge head first like a torpedo and smash into you with a seemingly brutal impact.  He’s a player that never stops moving,  keeps his eye on the ball and will discipline you for not giving it to him.

There is a lot to like about Kiko’s game, he is the exact definition of ‘smash and grab’ because he will smash you and then grab the ball. Kiko Alonso is just what we needed at linebacker, and it wont be long until Bills fans see that.  He is a fast, hard hitting, pass covering/rushing linebacker that hits like a Mack truck and has hands made of glue. If you watch the video down below you will see Kiko sacking QB’s, stuffing the run, stripping the ball, catching interceptions,  hitting people hard and doing everything in his power to make a play.

As you can see he has quite an eye for the ball, and he wants it whether its in the air or on the ground. It is hard for me to see him going backwards from where he is at now, and if he develops even further look out.  I think he will make an immediate impact on the Bills, and we will once again have ourselves an awesome linebacker that is a difference maker in games. Sure its possible that he will be a bust, but it is also possible he will be the backbone of a very successful defense. Nobody really knows how well any rookie is going to play in the NFL, but things are looking good if you ask me.

When the 2012 season ended I thought our biggest needs going into the draft were a quarterback and a linebacker. I felt that if we were better at those 2 positions we would win more games. When the Bills took a wide receiver with their first 2nd round pick I was in my living room yelling obscenities at full volume,  and angrily asking why Buffalo did not want to win more football games. When they picked Kiko Alonso 5 spots later I went from foul mouthed lunatic to elated sports junkie. They got the fast and aggressive linebacker we so desperately needed, they got the QB we needed, and they even managed to squeeze in a very talented NFL ready wide receiver.

The Bills expect Kiko to be a huge part of their team. Not after he plays for a few seasons and develops into the role either,  they have confidence in him leading the defense in his rookie year. The Bills have already given him the responsibility of calling the defensive signals, and believe that he can be a 3 down linebacker. The coaches say he understands everything they are teaching him very well and they see a player that is more than capable of helping the team immediately.  As a Bills fan I am really excited to see Kiko Alonso play for us, is anybody else with me?