Mike Pettine is training a group of assassins on Bills D.


Does this look like the face of a man that wants people dead?

About 2 weeks ago Mario Williams did an interview in which he leaked his new defensive coordinator’s aggressive approach towards the game. `Kill them or hurt them” Williams said was ‘all I ever hear’ when asked about Mike Pettine’s approach towards coaching.

This of course transpired into a whole PR ordeal with both Williams and the Bills personnel scrambling to explain that Mike Pettine is NOT encouraging players to actually murder one another out on the field. Even USA Today, and Fox News carried the story,  both narrating the story in the sense of it being a serious matter. Pettine might as well have handed Williams a 10-inch hunting knife and said “go f-ing murder them!” judging by the sensitive reaction from such an innocent interview.

An aggressive defense is the backbone of any good football team, And I for one support the violent, and punishing attitude Pettine is (allegedly) encouraging. Before last season started we had on paper what i thought was going to be one of the nastiest defenses in the league. A bunch of monsters that were going to strike fear into the hearts of opposing offenses, and lead us to the playoffs. That naturally did not happen, and i put every single bit of the blame on Dave Wannstedt, a defensive coordinator that didn’t even stand on field with his players during the game. I have a hard time believing Wannstedt was able to properly assess, and influence the in game emotions of his players. How do you rally the troops, and motivate your players into stopping a game winning drive when you cant even look them in the eye?

If these comments about Pettine tells me anything, it is that Mike Pettine is a great football coach that actually understands the game. It tells me that he has passion, and a fire in his heart for how his players play the game.  He will push our players to perform at  a high level in a physically violent game, and will bring our players back to life in times that they are struggling. He certainly wont be sitting in a press box while his team goes into battle, and I think he has the right mentality to bring this group of monsters back to the top of the division.

The night before we play the Patriots I want Tom Brady to lay awake at night, thinking about how Mario Williams is going to try and kill him the next day.  I want him to know that if he takes just a millisecond too long to throw the ball, he WILL be punished. Maybe Mario should just come to the field with a pillow, so he can offer more comfort after he softly lays QB’s to the ground. The people that objected to Pettine’s coaching strategy should be ashamed, and are obviously way too sensitive to be watching such a physical sport.  It would just make a lot more sense to worry about actual murders, and you don’t even have to leave the division for that.  This is football, and on defense the guy with the ball has to die! That is the only way to properly play the game, and if you’re not trying to destroy your opponent, you will simply not succeed. So my hat is off to you Mike Pettine, and as long as you keep coaching like a man, you are ok in my book.