Buffalo Bills at the 2013 NFL draft was the move they didn't make..."/> Buffalo Bills at the 2013 NFL draft was the move they didn't make..."/>

Buffalo’s Best Draft Move


Former Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib dropped to the 4th round. (Photo Credit: CBSsports.com)

The best move by the Buffalo Bills at the 2013 NFL draft was the move they didn’t make:  Drafting Ryan Nassib.  The Bills have received a lot of heat for drafting quarterback E.J. Manuel at 16.  Although some draft experts, like ESPN’s Todd McShay, view Manuel as a project; I view Ryan Nassib as a step back in time.

Nassib’s arm strength and down the field accuracy has been called into question.  Nassib has been known to excel with short passes.  Nassib has also demonstrated that he doesn’t know how to slide.  Does this sound like anyone Bills fans are familiar with?  Maybe a former Ivy League QB with a terrific beard?

It’s hard for Bills fans not to recall the countless criticism former Bills quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick, received after signing his monster contact.  Let’s face it, it was fair, but maybe over the top.  I truly like Ryan Fitzpatrick, but he was never worth the money the Bills were paying him.  He’s a solid backup, and if he can accept his role with the Titans, he will work out well.

As for Nassib, he will serve a similar fate to Ryan Fitzpatrick:  standing on the sideline holding a clipboard.  The giants took Nassib in 4th round; trading up to draft the former orange.  New York Giants General Manager, Jerry Reese, told reporters that if Nassib “doesn’t ever play, that’s great.” To read in between the lines:  Reese hopes Eli Manning never gets hurt.

Yes, I know that Ryan Tannehill had a decent rookie season with his former head coach as his offensive coordinator.  However, immediate red flags had to go up on Nassib after Marrone, his former college head coach, elected to take Manual over the former Syracuse product.  It was obviously a red flag to many NFL General Managers.  Some experts, including the above mentioned McShay, had Nassib going as high as 8th (to the Bills), yet he managed to fall to 110.  Yes, Manual may be a project, but in the long term I think Bills fans will enjoy the benefits that he will bring.  If they elected to take Nassib, then they might as well have told Doc Brown to pull Ryan Fitzpatrick out of the DeLorean.

I like what the Bills did in rounds 2 and 3.  I question not drafting any offensive linemen, leaving one to wonder if they will address this in free agency.  Yet, the best move the Bills made at this year’s NFL draft, was the move they didn’t make:  Drafting Ryan Nassib.