2012 NFL Mock Draft: Buffalo Bills Take OT Riley Reiff

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It’s been a while since my last Mock Draft, but with April here and the real Draft less than a month away, let’s see how things are shaping up for the big event April 26-28. Be sure to check out the latest mock from BLD writer Andrew Satta as well.

1. Indianapolis Colts
Andrew Luck
QB, Stanford

No shocks there. Luck is still the man.

2. Washington Redskins
Robert Griffin III
QB, Baylor

I can’t lie: I absolutely love RGIII. I’ve been obsessed with the guy ever since he was a freshman. It kills me that he’s going to be snapped up by the scummy Daniel Snyder. Good for Snyder to make this move though. RGIII will be great.

3. Minnesota Vikings
Matt Kalil

Kalil has the bad luck of coming out in the Luck/Griffin draft, because he’d be the #1 pick most years. This guy is everything you look for in a franchise left tackle.

4. Cleveland Browns
Trent Richardson
RB, Alabama

The Browns put the icing on the cake that is their awful offseason by taking a running back way too high. That’s not a knock on Richardson – I actually really like him. They’re getting an excellent young back, but fourth is just too high for an RB in today’s NFL.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Morris Claiborne

With the temptation to take Richardson gone, the Bucs take the player they should take anyway in Claiborne.

6. St. Louis Rams
Justin Blackmon
WR, Oklahoma State

The Rams are doing backflips if this scenario comes to pass. Blackmon gives this offense a big shot in the arm and finally gives Sam Bradford a big time target.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars
Melvin Ingram
DE, South Carolina

Starting here the draft gets real tough to call. The Jags need help nearly everywhere, and have a penchant for making strange picks (Tyson Alaualu, anyone?). Almost anyone is in play. I’ll say they go defense and nab Ingram.

8Miami Dolphins
Ryan Tannehill
QB, Texas A&M

Another team that’s had an awful offseason, the Dolphins continue to make dumb decisions by reaching for Tannehill. This guy is at least a year away from contributing…if he ever does. I just don’t see it with him. Maybe I’m wrong.

9. Carolina Panthers
Dontari Poe
DT, Memphis

At 6’3, 346 with out of this world athleticism, Poe made scouts drool at the Combine. The Panthers really need help on the D-line, and they’ll be tempted to take Quinton Coples or Michael Brockers…but Poe will be the guy. He’s raw, but the Panthers won’t be able to resist the temptation of his size and ability.

10. Buffalo Bills
Riley Reiff
OT, Iowa

The Bills are another team that can go in a ton of directions. They could grab a WR in Michael Floyd or even Kendall Wright. They could decide to further bolster the pass rush with Courtney Upshaw or Coples. Or they might even go LB or perhaps for G David DeCastro from Stanford. But Reiff will be a really good fit with this young, rugged offensive line.