Any readers who have been with us for any length of time know our affinity for Any readers who have been with us for any length of time know our affinity for

Seven-Round Bills Mock Draft – Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd, North Carolina LB Zach Brown, Syracuse DE Chandler Jones to Buffalo


Any readers who have been with us for any length of time know our affinity for NFL Mocks. Fansided’s resident college scouting/draft analysis/all-around NFL blog, NFL Mocks is a must-read for fans as we get ready for the NFL Draft.

NFL Mocks Co-Editor Jesse Bartolis represented the Bills in an expert mock draft that went all seven rounds. Here’s who Jesse nabbed for the Bills in this simulation:

Round 1: Michael Floyd – WR, Notre Dame

Round 2: Zach Brown – OLB, North Carolina

Round 3: Chandler Jones – DE, Syracuse

Round 4 #1: Andrew Datko – OT, Florida State

Round 4 #2: Audie Cole – LB, NC State

Round 5 #1: Traded

Round 5 #2: Ryan Broyles – WR, Oklahoma

Round 6: Cyrus Gray – RB, Texas A&M

Round 7: Kevin Kroger – TE, Michigan

My own thoughts:

First off, if the Bills ended up with this draft class, I’d be doing backflips of joy. Just a ton of value here.

But I’m not sure many of my fellow Bills fans would like it nearly as much.

Floyd and Brown would be controversial picks, to be sure. Some fans wouldn’t be happy with any offensive player at #10, and if some dominant pass rusher comes of the board at #11 we’d never, ever hear the end of it. Brown’s super, super athletic, but his best fit is weakside linebacker, where the Bills already have Nick Barnett. Drafting a guy who probably won’t start won’t be terribly popular either.

But I’d be on board with both picks. The Bills really need a true #2 WR to pair with Stevie Johnson. David Nelson is not the answer there. Marcus Easley might be, but who the heck knows if he’ll ever actually play? Floyd adds another weapon and could push a good offense to a great offense.

The Bills aren’t athletic enough on defense right now, but Brown would certainly be a step in the right direction. This man can fly. Unbelievable speed. The Bills would find a way to use his talents.

As for the rest of this Draft, I’d be more excited if I though there was any chance of it happening. Chandler Jones is not falling to the third round in a pass rush-starved draft like this. If he is there, the Bills will sprint that pick up to the podium.

Datko and Broyles were at one point considered first-round prospects and would be absolute steals at that point in the draft. Datko could back up Chris Hairston and maybe overtake him. And a Bills receiving corps of Johnson, Floyd, Nelson, Easley, and Broyles? Yes, please.

I don’t know  if the Bills would go for a running back at any point in this draft, but Gray should not be in the 6th round. He’s really freaking good. I wouldn’t complain about that value.

I also really like the idea of nabbing a developmental tight end late in this draft, as Jesse did here by grabbing Kroger. TE is obviously less of a priority with Scott Chandler re-signed, but getting an athlete to play with him in 2-TE sets? That’d be great.

So good job Jesse. I’m pleased. Be sure to check out his thoughts on this draft here, and to read NFL Mocks regularly.

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