Trick or Treat with the NFL


Happy Halloween! Still without a costume? But, like any good NFL fan, you have about twenty random jersey’s strewn about your home? Well worry no more our eleventh-hour couch QB … BLD is here for you. These guys have done all the work for you creating a perfect persona for a Halloween costume, you just have to provide the details.

Ray Lewis #52 – LB, Baltimore Ravens

If Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th wore a helmet instead of a hockey mask, it would belong to this guy. He will talk smack to you from across the line and then back it up delivering a world of hurt. Think Terry Tate office linebacker. I’m sure Reebok’s marketing meeting for that campaign was the shortest in history: “Hey, what if Ray Lewis worked in your office? I bet that would get productivity up.” And boom, Terry Tate was born. If Ray Lewis ever retires from making grown men weep on the field, guys like Bernie Madoff better think twice. And oh yea, he allegedly killed a guy.

Marshawn Lynch #23 – RB, Buffalo Bills

Let me see ya grill! Here’s a ridiculous costume that the whole family can enjoy. Simply find the ugliest mask you can muster, add some dreds, borrow a “grill” from your neighbor and PRESTO you have Beast Mode. For added touch you can suspend yourself from trick-or-treating due to various team and league violations, or you can run down your street 2 yards at a time. To really make this believable, however, I would recommend throwing a Fred Jackson jersey on your friend and have him spend the whole night literally running circles around you.

Chad Johnson #85 – WR Cincinnati Bengals

No, I know, his name is Chad Ochocinco. But this is Halloween, you get no points for having a costume just like everyone else. Here’s what you do for this one – put on a suit, a shirt, a tie. Then, introduce yourself as Chad Johnson. When met with a confused look, explain that you just changed your last name from Ochocinco to Johnson. Watch as the confusion lifts and they recognize you fully. Tell them that you want to start your own media project where you will interview NFL players and report on it. Then, sit back as everyone laughs hysterically.

Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones #32 – DB Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Probably the easiest and best costume out there. Go to your local party store and buy any of the remaining “inmate/prisoner” outfits. I promise no one else purchased one. Alternatively, bust out your bright orange hunting outfit or cousin’s actual prison jumpsuit. Next, cut-out a giant cardboard circle with a wedge cut into it, spraypaint it yellow, and attach it to your back. Make sure to have a friend follow with a camera to catch the reaction of friend’s faces when they finally understand your costume as you walk away from them.