5 wide receivers Buffalo Bills could target in 2024 draft to replace Stefon Diggs

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Xavier Legette - South Carolina

Xavier Legette was getting all the praise early in this draft season from Bills fans, but then that tailed off a bit. Now it seems to be picking back up again. Weird on draft seasons work. Anyway, once again Legette is one of those bigger receivers and runs a 4.39. His 10-yard splits were better than Franklin's, coming in at 1.54 seconds. Legette seems to be a raw receiver with a lot of talent and could potentially be available when the Bills pick in the second round.

I mentioned earlier that I hope the Bills double down with back-to-back receivers in rounds one and two. Those two for me, are McConkey and Legette. If the Bills can make this happen, I think they will be in a good spot going forward, as they head into the 2024 season; however, I do hope and think they add another receiver weapon before the draft. Could be via a trade or remaining free agent, but if the Bills are done and begin next season with Khalil Shakir, Curtis Samuel, Ladd McConkey, and Xavier Legette, what would your confidence level be?


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