5 wide receivers Buffalo Bills could target in 2024 draft to replace Stefon Diggs

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Ladd McConkey - Georgia

I've been standing on this hill for several weeks now and have no intentions of coming down. I am a huge fan of McConkey and think he would be an excellent addition to the Bills roster and even more so now with Diggs out of the picture. Some fans have questioned McConkey's ability as an outside receiver, calling him more of a fit for the slot, where Khalil Shakir is locked in. Naysayers have also said, his skill set is a redundant one, given what Diggs and Shakir are as receivers. Well, so much for that redundancy.

McConkey is one of the best route runners in this class and that ability translates to the NFL. He may not be as fast or tall as Thomas Jr. or Mitchell, but a 4.39, 40-time is still incredibly fast. Look, they said all the same stuff about Stefon Diggs coming out of college, doesn't fit the typical profile of an outside receiver, but that worked out. I'm not saying McConkey is the next Diggs, just saying it's more than possible a "slot" guy can become an excellent outside receiver.