5 wide receivers Buffalo Bills could target in 2024 draft to replace Stefon Diggs

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Adonai Mitchell - Texas

Adonai Mitchell is another receiver who has a ton of athleticism, speed, and size and he might be an option at pick 28. But he could also be someone the Bills would need to trade up for, depending on a potential run at the position, if other teams decide they want to stock up on some of the talent offered in this draft. Pro Football Focus has him listed as their 31st overall prospect and fifth-best receiver. If there is a run, I could see Mitchell being a part of that mid-round run.

Mitchell isn't one of my favorites though, given the questions about his work ethic and effort. But I'd be foolish to not mention him as a possible target, given that Josh Allen even named him as a receiver in that next tier. Also, maybe he'd develop that motor playing with the likes of Allen and motivation from other team leaders.