Why The Buffalo Bills are Going to be Perfectly Fine this Off-Season

The Buffalo Bills face some challenges ahead in the off-season, but fans should have confidence that they are going to be just fine
AFC Wildcard Playoffs - Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills
AFC Wildcard Playoffs - Pittsburgh Steelers v Buffalo Bills / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages
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10-of-11 Starters Returning on Offense

This is perhaps the biggest factor in why the Bills are going to be perfectly fine this off-season, as they are returning 10-of-11 offensive starters. The only player who might not be returning is number two receiver Gabe Davis. While Davis has done very well for the team since he was drafted in the fourth round back in 2020, he has been inconsistent. He tends to show up in big games, but he will go on stretches with no production to very minimal production. The Bills are also in a prime position, in a big receiver class, to add a real difference-maker at wide receiver two. Which could be the missing key to the puzzle they’ve been searching for over the last few years.

The Bills will also be returning all five starters, granted they don’t cut Mitch Morse for cap savings, on the offensive line. This was by far the best offensive line the team has had since Josh Allen became the quarterback, and it showed, not only in pass protection but in the run game as well. It was a huge factor in the emergence of running back James Cook this season, who looks like a rising star. It’s not crazy to think the unit could be even better next year, as they have a full off-season to build on last year’s success.

Superstar quarterback Josh Allen will also be returning to continue being one of the game's best. While Josh Allen is under-center in Western New York, this team will continue to win games and have their championship window open. Khalil Shakir developed very nicely for the team in his second year and was a bonafide weapon in their final seven games. He is primed for a big breakout season and seems to be the answer at the slot position. Tight End Dalton Kincaid will enter year two after a very impressive rookie season, as he also looks like a rising star. He should demand even more targets next year and ascend to the top tight end in the league talks.

How does a team that owned one of the best offenses in the NFL last season, who is returning 10-of-11 starters on offense mainly filled with young playmakers, get talked about like they’re ready to go flying off the rails?