Updated roster needs for Buffalo Bills before 2024 free agency

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Defensive End

Remaining on the defensive line, the defensive end position also has to be a concern for the Buffalo Bills. The team has three of their five defensive ends from last year's team set to be free agents in Leonard Floyd, A.J. Epenesa, and Shaq Lawson.

The challenge at this position is that teams usually offer big contracts and it would make sense for Epenesa to get a contract from another team that the Bills can't afford to match. Meanwhile, Shaq Lawson could be brought back on a relatively cheap deal that would be a good move for the Bills as he has been a key part of the rotation.

If the Bills lose Epenesa, the focus should shift to Leonard Floyd as he is an older player and the Bills may be able to work out a short-term deal. However, Floyd was the team's best pass rusher last season and should continue to produce in this defense.