Updated predictions for AFC East standings entering 2023 season

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots / Adam Glanzman/GettyImages
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1.) Buffalo Bills

The Bills have won the AFC East division the last three seasons, in which they have made trips to the conference championship and the divisional round twice. Each year, they have come close but have fallen. In two of their playoff losses, the Bills were outplayed and dominated.

In their second playoff loss the last three seasons, the Bills were 13 seconds away from hosting the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC championship. Going into this season, the Bills have a good amount of pressure on themselves because of where they have set themselves up. 

They have addressed the offensive line (atleast the interior part) and have brought in depth at wide receiver beyond Stefon Diggs and Gabriel Davis. On paper, maybe the Bills do not have the most talented players or even the big names, but there is continuity which is something that other teams do not have.

They have almost the same coaching staff, outside of the departure of Leslie Frazier, and quarterback from last season which is something that the other three teams do not have going into this season. As long as Josh Allen is under center for the Bills, the only team that could beat the Bills for division is themselves. The Bills go on to win their fourth consecutive division championship.