Two Buffalo Bills division rivals projected to fall short of expectations in 2024

These two teams have faced some bad luck in previous seasons that could carry into 2024.
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The Buffalo Bills have control of the AFC East, despite having an offseason where it looks as if they took a step back. Until one of the three teams in the division takes it from the Bills, Buffalo is the leader. Winning it the last four seasons, Buffalo has turned around as an organization because of coaching stability, support from the front office, and roster development. However, this season could easily be the toughest one for the Bills in four years as they did lose a lot of talent and are reloading. Even though Josh Allen is still in his prime, the roster is a new look and there are some questions as to how this Bills team will look.

While Buffalo is going into a reloading year, there are two teams that have some big expectations and if they fail, it is going to be a rough time for the organizations. Brad Gagnon from Bleacher Report released a best and worst case scenario for teams this coming season, along with predictions. The New York Jets and Miami Dolphins made it onto the list as they have specific expectations and both teams fell apart last season at some point.

When it comes to the Dolphins, there are a lot of concerns going on about the ongoing contract negotiations between the front office and Tua Tagovailoa. While Miami’s offense is the fastest unit in the league, the Dolphins have fallen short the last two seasons that has led them to back-to-back first round playoff exits. Gagnon talked about how Tua has had some bad luck with injuries or his failures in prime spots that some of the best quarterbacks can win with no issue.

The Dolphins are predicted to finish no more than two games above .500 and suffer yet another first round exit by Gagnon. Two years ago, the Bills sent the Dolphins packing in the playoffs following a 34-31 Buffalo win where Tua did not play in that game.

If there is one team that has the most pressure out of every team in the NFL going into next season, it is the Jets and it’s not even close. They traded for Aaron Rodgers last season and had a lot of hope going into last season, all for it to fall down immediately in four plays in the first game against the Bills when Rodgers tore his achilles. Fast forward to now, the Jets are going all in again and Robert Saleh is on the hot seat. Rodgers is back, the front office signed multiple veterans to protect him upfront and the team decided to part ways with Zach Wilson meaning that the Jets have no future at quarterback once Rodgers is gone. In addition, the Jets have one of the best defenses in the league that is being wasted away with players becoming older and more expensive.

Gagnon posted a harsh prediction for the Jets which involves them to not only miss the playoffs, but finish far from any kind of playoff spot. Gagnon mentioned how quarterbacks who turn 40 usually do not succeed (with the exception of Tom Brady) and Rodgers has not played at an MVP level for some time now.

Bills fans have seen the Dolphins and Jets fall apart the last two years, especially the Dolphins. While it will not be an easy season whatsoever, the Bills have the best quarterback and better stability from the coaching staff which gives them an advantage to make a run at their fifth consecutive division championship.