Top storylines for the Buffalo Bills entering the 2024 offseason

The NFL Combine is in full swing now, as the Buffalo Bills 2024 offseason. There are questions to be answered and needs to be addressed this Spring and Summer. But what are the top storylines as the Buffalo Bills head into the NFL offseason?
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Has the Buffalo Bills Super Bowl window closed?

I'm sorry but I have to simply laugh at these takes. First of all, as long as Josh Allen is under center for the Buffalo Bills, they will always be a contender. The biggest issue in the last two seasons was the injuries, particularly to the defense. For anyone who wants to blame Coach McDermott and calling for his firing, good luck with that. The bottom line is that he's not going anywhere and I've got news for you, he is more than capable of coaching this team to a Super Bowl.

That said, this offseason will be big for the Bills. They have some needs that will need to be successfully addressed to significantly improve their chances, and I think Beane will find some of those answers. I've been scoffed at a few times when I refer to the Buffalo Bills as Super Bowl contenders by our fans but I have to ask what exactly is your definition of a contender?