Top storylines for the Buffalo Bills entering the 2024 offseason

The NFL Combine is in full swing now, as the Buffalo Bills 2024 offseason. There are questions to be answered and needs to be addressed this Spring and Summer. But what are the top storylines as the Buffalo Bills head into the NFL offseason?
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Is this going to be another offseason of the Stefon Diggs drama?

I can't speak for everyone on this subject but for me, I'm over all this nonsense. Ever since Diggs abruptly left the locker room after losing to the Bengals in the divisional round, it's just been one thing after another. You know the deal, you've heard all the news, the interviews, and read the cryptic tweets from last offseason. As a fan, I'm tired of all the drama. As someone who writes about the Bills, I'm tired of all the drama. As someone who has his own podcast covering the Bills, I'm tired of all the drama.

Let's get one thing clear here. Stefon Diggs will be a Buffalo Bill in the 2024 NFL season. What happens after that is anyone's guess but his contract is still such that makes it hard to part ways before the 2025 season either. I hope that Diggs stays out of the news this offseason, and avoids Twitter or X, whatever we are calling it these days. The national media and other news outlets will speculate what a trade looks like for Diggs, and they'll make up their stories about him wanting out of Buffalo. Until it actually happens, I'm over it. And it's not likely to happen for at least two more seasons. Maybe after the 2025 season, we can talk about this again.