Top storylines for the Buffalo Bills entering the 2024 offseason

The NFL Combine is in full swing now, as the Buffalo Bills 2024 offseason. There are questions to be answered and needs to be addressed this Spring and Summer. But what are the top storylines as the Buffalo Bills head into the NFL offseason?

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With the salary cap spike, will the Buffalo Bills take advantage?

I alluded to the salary cap increase in the opening of this article but let's dive a little deeper. The original projection was around $242 million; however, when the increase was announced, it was nearly $13 million more than expected. That's a significant difference, especially considering someone like Gabe Davis is projected around $13 million on average annually, per

Where Buffalo can take advantage of the increase is being able to bring back some of their free agents, specifically guys like DaQuan Jones, perhaps Tyrel Bernard too, and Taylor Rapp. Also, A.J. Epenesa is a pending free agent, and getting him back would be great in terms of maintaining some depth on the defensive front. I don't think this means the Bills will go out and spend all that on some big-name free agent either but more than likely, it'll help bring in a few pieces to add further depth.