Top 5 positions the Buffalo Bills should address in a Kaiir Elam trade

Buffalo Bills' Kaiir Elam
Buffalo Bills' Kaiir Elam / Billie Weiss/GettyImages
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This Kaiir Elam situation seems to frustrate so many Bills fans and I honestly don't get it. Sure, you want your team to strike gold on every single first-round pick but that is simply an unreasonable expectation. But if the Bills can swing Elam in a trade deadline deal that ultimately bolsters their roster, that's something fans should be excited about.

Now, it also depends on how much the Bills have to give up in a deal, but I recently wrote a piece on some players the Bills could target in a deal. The players, I don't believe, would take a ton to acquire, other than maybe Patrick Surtain Jr. but adding him to the Bills secondary would be a massive addition.

However, is corner the top position the Bills should be looking to add some new blood? With Tre'davious White out, and Elam struggling to get on the field, Buffalo doesn't have much depth, but we'll look at that a little more later in this article. There are a few positions where Buffalo could use some help but what is the most important in your mind?

I know where I would go but I also know where many of the fans want the team to go as well and I welcome your feedback too. I would love to hear the fan's thoughts though. I'm all for fan interaction, it's a big part of why I do content creation.

Here are my top five positions the Bills should target in a Kaiir Elam trade