Top 5 games for the Buffalo Bills during the 2023 season

Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills
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4. Week Four: Buffalo Bills 48, Miami Dolphins 20

A week following Buffalo's dominant defensive showing in the nation's capital, Josh Allen and the Bills offense thrives getting their third win of the season against the AFC East rival Miami Dolphins.

Allen had his most accurate game of the season with an 84% completion rate going 21 for 25 through the air. He had 320 yards resulting in a 12.8 yard per throw average and 4 touchdown passes. Allen also used the scoring ability he developed a lot this season on the ground with his legs rushing for a touchdown. He also had one of his highest QBRs of the season at 90.2.

The big weapon in the recieving game was Stefon Diggs who had 120 yards and three of Allen's four touchdown passes. He was very efficient too catching six out of the seven targets thrown in his direction. It was the second of four straight 100-yard games Diggs had in his hot start to the 2023-24 season.

Although Diggs was certainly the highlight in the reciever room that game for the Bills, the air attack was so successful because Allen was able to get the ball to eight different targets throughout the game and this kept the Dolphins' guessing on where the Bills would go next with the football. This was also very helpful to pick up the slack in the Buffalo rushing game as no running back had more than 35 yards on the day and the Bills put up 104 total rushing yards.