Top 5 boom-or-bust Buffalo Bills players for 2024

The Buffalo Bills are depending on a handful of players to step up this season and deliver. A few of them can have a big year or disappear before the start of the season.
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Mike Edwards

Mike Edwards signed a free agent deal with the Bills this offseason, and many fans have already penciled him as one of the starting safeties, opposite Taylor Rapp. I'm not sold, and he's going to have a hard time holding off rookie Cole Bishop. Pro Football Focus grades aren't everything, but still, to say his numbers were terrible is an understatement. That said, he could win the job, and if he does, great. I want the best possible player on the field.

I think Edwards will either be a solid addition to the starting defense and play well, or he could sit on the bench and be an afterthought. Bishop has all the talent and is a better athlete, and I've projected him to earn that starting role. If Edwards were to perform well, it would be beneficial for Bishop to spend a year learning from a veteran. I don't see that happening though, I think Bishop starts over Edwards.